Welcome to School of Philosophy Sussex

A place to learn about ourselves, others and our world.


The School of Philosophy Sussex was established in 1978 as a branch of the School of Philosophy and Economic Science, a registered educational charity, headquartered in London. The School has numerous other branches in the UK and affiliated Schools worldwide.

We offer courses in Practical Philosophy and Economics with Justice. These courses are provided for three terms a year each lasting for 10 weeks, starting in January, May and September. They are held on a Tuesday evening from 7.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m., with a break for refreshments. The start of each term is preceded by a free of charge Introductory Evening which are specifically aimed to help those who are thinking of joining make an informed choice. 

The courses take their inspiration from worldwide wisdom traditions and take the form of a group discussion led by an experienced tutor who is also a senior student within the School. All tutors provide their services voluntarily, no one is ever paid to tutor.   

The courses are open to all-comers. No prior qualifications are required, just an open and enquiring mind, and an interest in the subject matter. 

Students in the Practical Philosophy course are introduced on the first evening to an awareness raising exercise and in the 5th term are offered the opportunity to take up the practice of Meditation.

For those who want it the School offers an opportunity for in depth studies of the subjects of Philosophy and Economics with Justice over a lifetime. However long or short a time people may wish to study in the School, the hope is that everyone will find something of true and lasting value.