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Economics with Justice Course

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The Economics with Justice course is presented within a group discussion format over 10 weeks. The content of each session is a follows:-

1. Economics with Justice. The scope of economics, the nature of justice and how justice operates in the economic realm.

2. The Nature of Society. The structure of human society starting with the family and how the different elements contribute to the general level of prosperity and freedom.

3. Wealth. What wealth actually is, how it is produced and how it may be more fairly distributed.

4. Mother Earth. Our dependence on the natural world and the importance of our relationship with it for our prosperity and well-being.

5. Work - Our Contribution. The business of making a living and how important work is for our welfare.

6. Do as you would be done by. Exchange, trade and how the market works. We also explore the limits of the market.

7. Credit and Money. What credit and money are with examples to show how credit can work to enhance our freedom and prosperity.

8. Responsible and irresponsible banking. Banks, their role, what happens when things go wrong and how banks can work effectively for the good of the economy.

9. Taxation. How taxation works, what its effects are and suggest a more just approach.

10. Reflection. Reflection on the term in the light of some of the great philosophical teachings and consider how they may apply to the realm of Economics.


More to follow in subsequent terms.....